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an ancient town of Greece where Aristotle was born

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According to Ptolemy the Athenians by decree of the assembly, in recognition of the benefits that he brought to the city, authorized an inscription on a column that reads in part: "Aristotle of Stagira, son of Nicomachaes, had served the city well by doing good and by the great number of his own acts of assistance and beneficence and by all his services to the people of Athens, especially by intervening with King Philip for the purpose of promoting their interests and securing that they were well treated; that the people of Athens therefore wanted it to be quite clear that they appreciated the good that had come out of this, that they bestowed distinction and praise upon him and would keep him in faithful and honored remembrance.
I visited the ancient city of Stagira, birthplace of philosopher Aristotle, near the stunning village of Olympiada.
The bulk of the argument concerned Aristotle, who, as a Greek Metic born miles from Athens in Stagira, was barred from full citizenship in Athenian society--was, in fact, a kind of Gastarbeiter barely tolerated by the less broad-minded members of that city.
The very first line of Diogenes simply states that Aristotle was born at Stagira.
Aristotle of Stagira (ancient Macedonia; 384-322 B.
Plato suggested that city walls instil cowardice in the citizen army, but Aristotle -- perhaps mindful of the siege of his home town Stagira in 349 B.
He retired to his paternal property at Stagira about 339.
If you want to burn off a few calories you're in luck as this area is ideal for walks - and ancient Stagira, Aristotle's birthplace, is great for roaming among the ruins, enjoying the sea views and doing a little philosophising yourself.
The philosopher from Messkirch failed to come together with his predecessor from Stagira, but the frictions of his "destructional" project allowed him to develop and sharpen his own conceptuality.
If you hire a car - at around pounds 90 for three days - you can visit Stagira, the birthplace of philosopher Aristotle or take a trip to Thessaloniki - which is this year's cultural capital of Europe.