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a party for men only (or one considered suitable for men only)


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The Birmingham Mail has had a fair share of local stag night tales to raise a few eyebrows.
Peter said: "I had the whole idea because I grew up with a bunch of mates who all did terribly vicious stag night tricks on each other.
However David Walliams didn't fare so well, tweeting: "It was James Corden's stag night last night.
Billy's row with Fiona and Chris was sparked by his refusal to have a stripper at his stag night.
When the man's fiancee found he had left the stag night in Aberdare, she headed back home along the same route he had taken and raised the alarm after she heard his cries for help.
But now, following Saturday's incidents, Tenby Town Council has called for a ban on all hen and stag night parties in the resort.
There can have been no stag night for Charles, only a funeral feast.
3 million Britons will attend a hen or stag night this year, with a third in their 20s and one in 10 aged over 50.
Vin, 75, of County Durham said: "I certainly hope to go to Lincoln's stag night - it depends where it is but I'm sure I'll get an invite.
A FATHER died on his son's stag night after downing a pint of cider spiked with spirits.
On the town: Frank and the boys have an undignified stag night.
RUSSELL BRAND has said he might as well just watch TV on his stag night now he's quit drugs, drink and casual sex.
Brand, who plans to marry in October, said that his stag night would be a do without sex, booze or drugs.
Daniel "Lion Heart" Lerwell, 22, and James "Lights Out" Lilley, 23, were dressed up for a stag night when two yobs set on them.
THE family of a Scottish pilot left in a coma during a stag night have welcomed the jailing of his attacker.