St. Patrick

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Apostle and patron saint of Ireland

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To explain the absence of snakes in Ireland, it became legend that they all had been banished by St.
The select members of the Society of the Friendly Sons of St.
The biggest celebration outside Dublin is held in Downpatrick, where St.
Congratulations to sixth-grader James Kennedy for earning first place in the St.
Patrick's Day is a religious celebration, it is best to visit the house of worship and hear the mass to honor St.
This has become a better place to live, shop and play,'' said Don Sanelli, vice-president of the association, who was dressed as St.
com/MattBerryMB/status/313225571373047808) @MattBerryMB Happy St.
Before going to bed, the wee ones hear the story of Erin's beloved St.
All of Irish history converges on the legend of St.