St. Benedict

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Italian monk who founded the Benedictine order about 540 (480-547)

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The caring and family orientated atmosphere that has helped the residents of Villa St.
The feeling of living without a church home remains present in the minds of many St.
Caption: Hildegard cookies ready for purchase from the Sisters of St.
Above, murals of biblical scenes painted by a monk adorn the walls of St.
Beautiful, well-designed and blending into its hardy northern setting, Westwood will stand for many years as testimony to the foresighted people who envisioned it, the craftsmen who built it and St.
The Order, which was established in Europe 1,500 years ago by St.
Because 1st Light Energy completed the project in record time, it was able to prevent St.
Now they've added beer to the blend, and people are flocking to the monastery in Norcia, the birthplace of St.
19, surrounded by her loving family and the Sisters of St.
degree in medical technology from the College of St.
She was a former parishioner of Holy Angels Church in Upton and most recently attended St.
The medieval church saw an explosion of new "families": the monastic movement of St.
The first breakfast in Toronto, with its humble beginnings in St.
Clinton, with a Requiem Mass to be held at 11:30AM at St.