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a centare is 1/100th of an are

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Scent Receptors: Deer have about 50,000 scent-receptor cells per square millimeter, which is at least four times more than humans.
In comparison, holdfast's strength measured 68 newtons per square millimeter, the scientists report.
Perhaps the most tightly controlled real estate in stores is the light bulb area, in which every square millimeter counts.
Phillips and his colleagues inserted a tiny laser, a square millimeter in size, into the head of a toothbrush beneath the bristles.
Tensile Strength:64 Kg Per Square Millimeter Minimum.
Still, there are one or two problems that need to be ironed out with existing scanning probe patterning techniques, for example, wear on the tip, which can limit the throughput of patterning (and you need a lot of throughput to deposit nanoscale circuits on just one square millimeter of substrate) and precise control of depth in 3D patterns.
HyperCore delivers performance that is tens-of-times better, and at the lowest price per watt per square millimeter, than any other chip-level, shared-memory machine currently on the market," said Plurality chairman and CEO Igor Pe'er.
A hot-rolled high-strength steel with a minimum yield strength of 600 newtons per square millimeter and a thickness of 2 mm was used for the frame.
45 GHz) single chip with a small footprint slightly above one fourth of a square millimeter with two pads for antennae attachment.
The record-breaking amplifier, fabricated in a high-performance semiconductor material known as indium phosphide (InP), achieved an output power density of 360 milliwatts per square millimeter at 23 GHz.
1 square millimeter, so they're suitable for chips, he adds.
The cells support densities of more than 800,000 gates per square millimeter and a core supply of 1.
has demonstrated a semiconductor chip about a square millimeter in size that the company says may help to bring the speed and capacity of fiber-optic networks to consumers.
Tensile Strength:40 Kg Per Square Millimeter Minimum.
The adhesive's strength measured 68 newtons per square millimeter ([N/mm.