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Age and growth analysis of the chub, Squalius squalus (Bonaparte, 1837), in the Assino Creek (Umbria, Italy).
A feasibility study on the use of electropositive "mischmetal" to reduce the bycatch of Squalus acanthias by hook gear in the Gulf of Maine.
The sea lions came to Sarasota from a Myakka City-based organization, Squalus, Inc.
Se revisaron 24 especimenes de Cicindelinae colectados en el marco del proyecto, "Evaluacion del estado actual de los objetos de conservacion faunisticos en la Isla Gorgona: una aproximacion holistica a la valoracion ecologica del PNN Gorgona" a cargo de la Universidad del Valle y la fundacion Squalus, entre octubre de 2010 y mayo de 2011.
This is an obvious test of our community and its strong scientific reputation, as there is a dogfish near the upper right corner in the first panel - one that every student would or should recognize as the good ol' Squalus acanthias of freshman biology.
Dubois et al [42] observed in a cartilaginous fish Squalus a stimulatory effect of insulin and IGF-I on DNA synthesis in premeiotic stages of proliferation of male germ cells.
x Phymateus aegrotus (Gerstaecker, 1869) Pnorisa squalus (Stal, 1861) x Ruspolia differens (Serville, 1838) x x Forest edge species Acanthacris ruficornis (Fabricius, 1787) Amytta sp.
Vyonke W Influence of biological and environmental factors on Nitogenous extractives of the spurdog Squalus acanthias .
Este genero no ha sido reportado hasta el momento para el Caribe general en las especies de pargo examinadas en este trabajo; cabe anotar, sin embargo, que fue reportado en el Golfo de Mexico para Squalus acanthias (11).
Activation of liver carnitine palmitoyltransferase-1 and mitochondrial acetoacetyl-CoA thiolase is associated with elevated ketone body levels in the elasmobranch Squalus acanthias.