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a cavalry unit consisting of two or more troops and headquarters and supporting arms

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an air force unit larger than a flight and smaller than a group

a naval unit that is detached from the fleet for a particular task

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On this buccaneering expedition, Rear Admiral Du Petit Thouars, leaving the rest of his squadron at the Marquesas,--which had then been occupied by his forces about five months--set sail for the doomed island in the Reine Blanche frigate.
I knew it," replied a piping voice, and Lieutenant Telyanin, a small officer of the same squadron, entered the room.
When the other vessels of the squadron caught the meaning of the signals flashed them they took up the wild acclaim and unfurled her colors in the gleaming sunlight.
The first squadron moved off; the second followed, and descended from the plateau.
At this instant the squadron, that ought to have protected Charles's retreat, was advancing to meet the English regiments.
Crooks was seated in the second canoe of the squadron, and had an old experienced Canadian for steersman, named Antoine Clappine, one of the most valuable of the voyageurs.
This disastrous event brought the whole squadron to a halt, and struck a chill into every bosom.
Offensive bombing missions were flown all across the eastern border and eleven aircrews were awarded gallantry medals; the maximum among all PAF squadrons.
The boys competed against other squadrons from across the Merseyside Wing, eventually beating 1438 (Prescot) Squadron in the final.
Marine Corps Harrier squadron in Europe and the first AV-8A squadron to cross-train with Royal Air Force Harrier squadrons.
The event consists of an intense day of competitions in which all 25 squadrons from throughout the Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing come together to compete against each other.
The squadron, whose cadets live in and around Wideopen, has already been identified as the top performing squadron in the North of England after a regional inspection in March - and is one of six squadrons vying for top spot.
Along with the now defunct 1,033th and 630th squadrons, 59th Squadron formed Huddersfield Wing.
Polish fighter pilots who had fought in the French Campaign were congregated in two all-Polish squadrons.
The Marine Corps announced plans for basing the service's 400 F-35B Joint Strike Fighters in two final environmental impact statements outlining locations for East and West Coast squadrons released by the Department of the Navy on 9 December 2010.