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an area of 640 acres

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Lower Normandy - 560 sq miles in size, the Parc Naturel Regional des Marais du Cotentin et du Bessin, is defined by waterways, marshes, peatlands and plains, so it's a popular haven for walkers who prefer a gentle pace - and bird watchers love it too.
Commenting on the prospective resource estimate: "My review of the data focused on a 300 sq mile area surrounding previously drilled wells.
Three hours from Panama's southeastern mainland, the 192 sq mile island is also under consideration as a United Nations World Heritage Site.
An extensive sea and air search covering a 100 sq mile area failed to find his body.
South Staffs, which was founded more than 150 years ago, supplies water to some 500,000 homes and 36,000 businesses in a 580 sq mile area that takes in part of the Black Country as well as Uttoxeter, Lichfield, Burton, Cannock and Tamworth in Staffordshire as well as Sut-ton Coldfield.
Known as Jebel All Airport City (JAAC), the vast, new 54 sq mile (140[km.
Fishing has been banned in a 600 sq mile area where it is thought the drums maybe.
5 sq mile (22 km2) platform for the New Doha International Airport.
In 1961, Shell won a 1,500 sq mile block in southern Kuwait's offshore but stopped its work in 1963 after drilling four dry holes.
David runs 5,000 ewes and Galloway suckler cows over a 20 sq mile area.
This is a 56,000 sq mile territory rich in minerals and annexed to Guyana by the British during colonial days under an Oct.
The density of population was 558 per sq mile, compared to 152 per sq mile in 1801.
KNPC) got a 3,600 sq mile bloc relinquished by KOC.
Sri Lanka's army has surrounded the Tigers in a 115 sq mile slice of jungle and is aiming to end a war that began in 1983.