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a unit of area equal to one foot by one foot square


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It is also observed that the OC signed the rent agreement with the IOA ( both headed by Kalmadi) on the terms that OC would pay ` 20 lakh @ ` 100 per sq feet and a maintenance charge of ` 5 lakh @ ` 25 per sq feet.
feet of premium data centre floor space equipped with the entire spectrum of redundant infrastructure to expand its total commercial hosting capacity to 50,000 sq feet which is the largest in the GCC.
The company will be implementing 36,000 sq feet allowing needed room for expansion.
When combined with Divco's October lease renewal of TRW's 155,000 sq feet of space at the Manhattan Towers in Manhattan Beach, Divco has now signed almost a quarter of a million sq feet of leases in the past seven weeks.