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applying paint with a sprayer

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STAMPP, which stands for "STimulate and revAMp the Paint Profession," is a program designed to publicize the spraypainting profession and to encourage young people to choose this high-tech career path.
Police have arrested three youths after the spate of unsightly spraypainting in Newcastle's West End.
Officers conducted a series of raids after a 25-year-old man was arrested for spraypainting on a wall in Plymouth city centre.
A further video features a group of young people spraypainting a wall before getting caught by a security guard.
One night Anna sees sexy Sadie (Nicole Vicius), one of the founding members of feminist guerrilla group Clits in Action (or the "C(I)A"), spraypainting an anti-boob-job slogan on the front of Anna's office building.
A 15-year-old sophomore was photographed spraypainting his tagger name -- "Zoner" -- on the side of the bus in which the mayor and district Superintendent David Brewer III had been riding.
The dead men - aged 19 and 21 - were part of a four-strong gang "tagging" and spraypainting trains that were in sidings at a depot between Barking and Upney stations in Essex.
The latter can include "mischief" like spraypainting furrier shop windows, or more drastic action like "setting fires to buildings where the abuse is committed.
A BOOZED-UP man trashed his exgirlfriend's home - ripping radiators from her walls and spraypainting an insult on her fence - but left her a note to say sorry.
Wreckers targeted the old Notre Dame Catholic College, on Everton Valley, and the school farm at Bebington High Sports College, callously spraypainting a pig in the process.
Whether it's a lady spraypainting the grass green outside the stadiums, toilets that have seats placed opposite them (presumably for visitors?
White & Peters , Western Canada s leading wholesaler for bodyshop and spraypainting supplies, has closely cooperated with BASF for 25 years.
Cops caught Richards spraypainting the letters "T" and "A" and a heart symbol in red on the side of the Manhattan building which houses a convent.