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Synonyms for sprat

small fatty European fish

small herring processed like a sardine

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Mr Brierley took the opportunity of examining the fish, but a curious sequel arose when Mr Percy Heath, who prosecuted, mixed the sprats and the herrings and putting the fish before a witness, asked him to name them.
But when a price of a Thai sprats which is identified as good quality, one Kilo is at Rs.
1 x 125g tin of Grebbestads Ansjovis (pickled sprats in brine) or small pickled herrings
The flavour of the dish comes from the 'Ansjovis', which are pickled sprats (and not to be confused with anchovies).
Beckes owns Jack Sprats Restaurant, and Ervin has a background in information technology.
Therefore, the EU has set maximum levels of PAHs in foodstuffs via Regulation (EC) No 1881/2006 amended by Regulation (EU) No 835/2011 [1], which added limits for the sum of four PAHs in foodstuffs including adding smoked sprats and canned smoked sprats to the range of foodstuffs.
OUR DUDLEY THE Two-year-old male Joao refuses to eat sprats which are included in his weekly diet, but our fish-loving four-year-old female is keen to take his share.
What culinary name is given to the small fry of sprats and herring?
The booklet features '0n-trend' recipe ideas for little oily fish such as whitebait, sprats and mackerel as well as white fish.
An annotated and illustrated catalogue of the herrings, sardines, pilchards, sprats, anchovies and wolfherrings.
As you might imagine, the Swedes have added some preserved fish, here in the form of ansjovis (these are not actually anchovies, but pickled sprats spiced with a little ginger and cinnamon - regular anchovies can be a little too salty for this dish, but a reduced amount would work reasonably well.
There have also been reports of lots of mackerel and sprats around which may have been bringing these animals in.
c] In a report in the Evening Chronicle on April 28, we wrongly described Aarti Tandon as the adopted daughter Jan Crook, of Jack Sprats cafe in Heaton, Newcastle.
The stock of sprats is in a similar condition and the Commission proposes a 26% reduction.
SEA SCENE THE number of sprats and sandeels off the coast is good news for the marine environment - but it's doing shore anglers no favours.