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Synonyms for fishing


Synonyms for fishing

the act of someone who fishes as a diversion

the occupation of catching fish for a living

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The refuge is already open to upland game hunting, other big game hunting, and sport fishing.
We have very affordable packages available and a team of highly qualified expert crew mates that will make your Costa Rica Sport fishing trip one that you will never forget," commented Jakacki.
Le ME[umlaut]ridien Al Aqah has played an active role in promoting sport fishing in the east coast and has teamed up with Fujairah Marina over the past four years to offer guests and visitors access to fishing trips and instructors, as well as the latest in sporting equipment.
If we can get the youth to participate, then sport fishing can easily become a full-fledged sport in the UAE.
Conclusions--Dolphins rarely interacted with fishing activities while California sea lions were reported to negatively affect sport fishing (see also: Hanan and Read 1989, Beeson and Hanan 1996).
Although persistent, bioaccumulative contaminants in the Great Lakes Basin continue to be a public health concern, our survey results indicate that sport fishing in these lakes remains a popular activity.
Cogdill has re-introduced legislation to allocate one-third of sport fishing license revenues to the hatchery system.
To protect that income, Chile in 2004 will legislate sport fishing to better sustain trout and salmon populations.
With all the major species of predatory fish available close inshore throughout the year, it is also considered a value-for-money location by European sport fishing enthusiasts.
A group of Fort Frances residents are putting the wheels in motion for a sport fishing centre on the town's waterfront.
The purpose of his missions: "encouraging these manufacturers to use the Sport Fish logo on sport fishing equipment imported into the United States.
In 1983, for example, the Sport Fishing Institute in Washington, D.
225 million State of Alaska's sport fishing revenue bonds, consisting of the following:
In the regional Ministry of Agriculture, a meeting of the commission for determining the boundaries of fishing areas formed for the implementation of industrial, amateur and sport fishing in the territory of the Komi Republic was held.
Alaska's sport fishing industry is a mainstay for many locals who make their living as guides on river and ocean boats.