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Synonyms for fishing


Synonyms for fishing

the act of someone who fishes as a diversion

the occupation of catching fish for a living

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Commercial and sport fishermen between Washington and California earned an annual average of $66 million between 2003 and 2007.
Long a favorite of sport fishermen and backpackers, this location is now being discovered by mainstream vacationers, sparking interest in resort developments of all kinds.
I ask sport fishermen to consider the studies - such as the one just released on the La Jolla reserve in California - that have found that marine reserves support booming populations of sport fish.
The DSM400 is designed to meet the high demands of sport fishermen with greater power and performance," said Dave Bimschleger, President of Raymarine, Inc.
Coho have always dominated the harvest by sport fishermen along the Oregon Coast, but only 276,000 of the silver salmon are expected to return to Oregon waters in 2008.
While sport fishermen prefer to catch salmon when available, party-boat owners consider rockfish their bread and butter.
Among them is the National Wildlife Federation, which has assembled a coalition of 670 groups of hunters and sport fishermen in support of the bill.
Sport fishermen can find today's catch faster by charting a course based on accurate sea temperatures, bathymetry and chlorophyll readings.
Even lifelong coastal residents, avid sport fishermen and surfers like me haven't seen the diverse, amazing underwater habitat that is unique to Oregon.
Sport fishermen in the ocean along the coast of Oregon this summer found tuna to be as thick, well, as thick as silver salmon are supposed to be.
Taking place July 17th through the 22nd at Sisters Creek Park in Florida, the BellSouth Greater Jacksonville Kingfish Tournament draws an estimated 1,000 sport fishermen hoping to earn a share of the tournament's $500,000 in prizes.
Brown is well known by local guides and sport fishermen who use his flies.
The ACIPBS 2006 will showcase more than 700 all-new 2006 models of motor and express yachts, sport fishermen, cruisers and sport boats, with up to 65-foot luxury motor yachts on display.
For sport fishermen in the South of Cape Falcon management zone, the proposals are as follows:
It represents sport fishermen from all parts of the United States who would like to pass on the sport they love to future generations.