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Synonyms for sponsor



Synonyms for sponsor

one who assumes financial responsibility for another

a person who supports or champions an activity, cause, or institution, for example

to act as a patron to

Synonyms for sponsor

an advocate who presents a person (as for an award or a degree or an introduction etc

assume sponsorship of

assume responsibility for or leadership of

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Japan, whose capital city Tokyo did win the IOC's vote to host the 2020 Games, did pay the sponsorship money, says transcripts obtained by the commission.
John Pickard, who fans know as Dom Reilly, will also be supporting Leonard Cheshire Disability and hopes to match Junade's pounds 1,600 sponsorship money.
This means that the sponsorship money you raise will go directly to the Acorns Hospice and Help a Local Child.
Jackson continues to try to raise sponsorship money for Lester.
Kostecki, who lives in the San Francisco area, was to have been skipper of Germany's first-ever America's Cup syndicate during the 2002-03 regatta, but the effort folded because of a lack of sponsorship money.
And we won't need to collect your sponsorship money til after the event.
The sponsorship money was effectively spent in promoting the concert on television and in newspapers and a great deal of time and energy went into it.
This is the PBS Sponsorship Group's second anniversary, and the pubcaster's national marketing arm scored impressive gains with corporate sponsorship money rising 30% to $18.
ENGLAND'S World Cup stars plan to make a donation from their pool of sponsorship money to the Princess of Wales Memorial Fund.
Although we are truly proud of what we have achieved in the past, we have always lacked experience in marketing, business development, and raising sponsorship money for our gamers," said Rob van der Veer, VP at Clanbase.
This season, the sponsorship money from accountancy and tax advisor firm EST Accountants and Tax Advisers was put towards a high-level fitness coach to give the players an insight into how professional players train.
But new figures reveal around 600 of the participants haven't paid their sponsorship money yet to Cancer Research four months later.
He will donate sponsorship money to the North East Children's Cystic Fibrosis Fund, a cause he raised PS3,600 for last year.
Two days of the trip will also be spent helping at a hospice in Nepal and sponsorship money will help Teesside Hospice care for local people with cancer and life limiting illnesses.
Walkers are asked to collect sponsorship money for every kilometre walked for the charity.