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Synonyms for spokesman

a person who speaks on behalf of another or others

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a male spokesperson

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Store spokewoman Alison Hill said: "Tea in a pot has helped us through hard times.
Labour community safety spokewoman Jenny Marra MSP said: "People deserve to be given fair warning.
Spokewoman Pauline Evans said: "The St Dunstaners were surprised but grateful.
We cut him to 16-1 from 33s after strong support, and trimmed him further after he received a favourable low draw," said spokewoman Lucy Rhodes.
Eugene police spokewoman Jenna McCulley said graffiti is a type of vandalism that is hard to control and is often repeated.
We stand ready to assist as usual in such cases," ElisabethByrs, spokewoman of the U.
A spokewoman said the victim had been on foot in the roadwhen he was killed.
The Daily Mail quoted government spokewoman Dina Turchina as saying that Kiev's 62 metre Motherland statue, another Soviet era landmark, was however portrayed in the video because "it 'is already a well-known element of our capital's skyline".
A spokewoman from Gwent Police said: "As a result of the post-mortem and further inquiries, Gwent Police are now treating the death of Nikitta Grender as suspicious and have begun a murder inquiry.
Sally Tribe, Fibre Plus spokewoman said: "It seems that British women just can't get enough of Simon Cowell.
Hundreds of blazes driven by high winds and scorching temperatures have burnt down nearly 500 buildings in about 20 villages in the Volgograd and Saratov provinces, an emergencies ministry spokewoman said.
Sabine Reimer, a spokewoman for the German regulator Bafin, added: We would like to have the whole package before a decision is made.
Transport Commission spokewoman Helen Kearns said Iran Air's Boeing 727s and 747s, along with its Airbus 320s, have been placed on the EU blacklist following a safety audit.
A spokewoman for Crystal Bridges said the dispute was between Cantera and Linbeck and the museum wasn't able to comment on the details.
Spokewoman Ann Marie Hickey noted: "Climate change has resulted in summers becoming wetter than before.