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a flexible strip (wood or rubber) used in drawing curved lines

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a thin strip (wood or metal)

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3) Cut to size decorative splines, add adhesive to each side and place in slots.
Bezier's and de Casteljau's splines are pure mathematical objects.
on P-spaces and power ideals [2], arithmetic matroids and their Tutte polynomials [7, 20], and on box splines [19].
Our award-winning electromechanical actuators, ball screws, ball splines and gears can fit virtually any application, and are known throughout the industry for their reliable quality, precision and performance.
Cubic splines can create wildly oscillating curves in some cases.
Smoothing in occupational cohort studies: an illustration based on penalised splines.
de Boor, A Practicle guide to splines, Springer, (1978).
The class S(m, r, P, h) of deficient discrete splines of degree m with deficiency r is the set of all continuous function s(x, h) such that for i = 1,2, .
In order to keep the splines zero-mean, instead of the original exponential B-spline [beta](t), we shall use a real-valued function
Intended for graduate students and professional statisticians, this text explains the connection between penalized splines and ridge-type estimators and their derivation by Bayesian and non-Bayesian (Frequentist) methods.
The ability to create highly flexible approximants from low-degree polynomials is a significant advantage of functions called splines.
Often, it is the discount rates or the forward rates curve, which are modelled as splines.
These radial biharmonic functions suggest the construction of the following thinplate splines.