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a flexible strip (wood or rubber) used in drawing curved lines

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a thin strip (wood or metal)

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They were previously used by statisticians for testing structural shifts in various data sets; afterwards, other researchers also started using splines in order to test time series of profits, interest rates, economic growth rates, exports and imports which usually contain structural shifts.
It is well known that the cubic spline function has advantages of good convergence, approximation, stability, and second-order smoothness.
The new technique was based on the fact of employing polynomial cubic spline method (PCSM) along with the Adomian decomposition method (ADM).
3) Cut to size decorative splines, add adhesive to each side and place in slots.
Selection of locations of knots for linear splines in random regression test day models.
Bezier's and de Casteljau's splines are pure mathematical objects.
In Section 4 we will recall the wall-crossing formula for splines that can be used to prove Proposition 1.
To understand how they work, consider conventional ball splines.
Using trial function (4) and cubic splines (3), the values of U, U', U" at the knots are determined in terms of the element parameters [[delta].
The evaluation of the signal reconstruction with the different splines including the Akima spline is performed for the data sampled with two different LCS algorithms.
Other interpolation methods include Newton series, cubic splines, Neville's schema, and many others.
Implicit-finite difference schemes together with splitting up technique was set up using interpolation cubic splines to obtain the numerical solution [10].
Discrete splines have been introduced by Mangasarian and Schumaker [7] in connection with certain studies of minimization problems involving difference.