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Synonyms for mysticism

a religion based on mystical communion with an ultimate reality

obscure or irrational thought

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A warmly spiritual experience is achieved here, free from the crutches of both religious propaganda and New Age inanity.
The daily spiritual experience and scale: Development, theoretical description, reliability, exploratory factor analysis, and preliminary construct validity using health-related data.
Let's agree that a movie is never just a movie; it's an experience--a multi-sensory and often profoundly psychological and spiritual experience.
In the recently published study, researchers from University of Missouri, said they found a link between religiosity and epilepsy, supporting "the notion that the human propensity for religious or spiritual experiences may be neurologically based.
She starts by examining mental evolution from that time to now and then, in which the mind had strong links to will, automatism, spiritual experience, and the "dreamy mind.
For a person who has had a deep, spiritual experience, "evasion" of negative emotions might not be a coping strategy, denial, or repression, but part of a deliberately chosen and newly acquired value system.
The Islamic services are high in demand by our customers during the Holy month of Ramadan, and we want to be the first to create a meaningful spiritual experience for them.
Rioting can be, literally, an ecstatic, spiritual experience.
The Biology of Spiritual Experience by Charles Foster.
The Restaurant Inspector Channel 5, 9pm For Fernando Peire, owning a restaurant is not just about delivering good food - he believes that eating should be a spiritual experience as well as a culinary one.
For some people, it's a very spiritual experience," Bell said.
Among the topics are schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders, religious and spiritual issues in personality disorders, religious and spiritual issues in the outline for cultural formulation, and mapping the logical geography of delusion and spiritual experience.
At the end of the two weeks, more than 2 million Muslims will be utterly exhausted, having endured severe heat and hardship for a spiritual experience they will cherish for the rest of their lives.
Shott has compiled and compendium of her carefully crafted verse exploring the subject of human sexuality and its relationship to spiritual experience.
Shandler presents examples ranging from early recordings of cantorial music to Hasidic outreach on the Internet and argues that the impact of these and other media on American Judaism is varied and extensive: they have challenged the role of clergy and transformed the nature of ritual; facilitated innovations in religious practice and scholarship as well as efforts to maintain traditional observance and teachings; created venues for outreach, both to enhance relationships with non-Jewish neighbors and to promote greater religiosity among Jews; and redefined the notion of what might constitute a Jewish religious community or spiritual experience.