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a hard glassy mineral consisting of an oxide of magnesium and aluminum

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Substitution of rare earth ions into the spinel structure lead to structural distortion which modify the electrical transport properties.
The spinel structure in which the sites occupied by the cations are of two types, tetrahedral and octahedral sites.
It is clear from Figure 3(b) spinel structures of particles can be easily observed.
Some of manganite nanocatalyst compounds with spinel structure were synthesized in the research through self-combusting sol-gel method, and their physicochemical properties were identified through various techniques.
8] used NaOH as precipitant to fabricate Cu-substituted NiZn ferrite and confirmed the formation of cubical spinel structure at all the temperatures for calcinations and sintering.
The crystallographic structure of [gamma]-phase (JCPDS 29-0063) is based on spinel structure, type [AB.
85; the hingelike honeycomb network in the spinel structure is identified as being responsible for this negative Poisson's ratio.