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arises from two sets of roots (cranial and spinal) that unite to form the nerve

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Although Merrell has concluded by recommending shoulder restoration should focus on either a spinal accessory nerve to suprascapular nerve transfer or dual nerve transfer to both suprascapular nerve (SSN) and axillary nerve, the above 2 cases where ICNs were used for SS neurotization achieved 100% M3 or more shoulder abduction.
Shoulder pain and function after neck dissection with or without preservation of the spinal accessory nerve.
Shoulder complaints after neck dissection: Is the spinal accessory nerve involved?
Shoulder function following partial spinal accessory nerve transfer for brachial plexus birth injury.
The spinal accessory nerve came out Thursday at the hands of Brion Benninger, a surgeon at Oregon Health and Science University, for use in the school's neurological studies - research that could expand what we know about the human brain.
The sternocleidomastoid gets its motor supply from the spinal accessory nerve and the proprioceptive innervation from the cervical spinal nerves.
Ashley was subsequently diagnosed as having a probable severed spinal accessory nerve in the area of her neck.
This subluxation pattern, known as Hatcher-Murphy Subluxation (HMS), shows manifestation or dysfunction of the tissues involving the brainstem, the vagal nerve or cranial nerve 10 and the spinal accessory nerve or cranial nerve 11.
The spinal accessory nerve was found passing above the IJV.