Spilogale putorius

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small skunk with a marbled black and white coat

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Although these records may indicate recent range expansions, it is just as likely that these represent historical occupation by Spilogale putorius in this region and the species simply has not been detected previously.
Edward Roth, Howard Payne University, for donation of one specimen of Spilogale putorius to the Angelo State Natural History Collections.
Status of the spotted skunk, Spilogale putorius, in Kansas.
Distributional status of the eastern spotted skunk, Spilogale putorius interrupta, in Oklahoma.
The karyotypes of two specimens of Spilogale putorius interrupta from Texas and Mexico and two specimens of Spilogale putorius tropicalis from El Salvador are examined.
1 mi SE of Post, Garza County, Texas, one specimen of Spilogale putorius interrupta (TTU 17491).