digger wasp

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solitary wasp that digs nests in the soil and stocks them with paralyzed insects for the larvae

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Orchard Year Family Genera "La 2010 Megachilidae Trachusa Concepcion" Megachile Anthidium Halictidae Augochlorella 2011 Megachilidae Trachusa Heriades Megachile Anthidium Osmia Halictidae Augochlorella Halictus Augochlora Crabronidae Crabro Apidae Xylocopa Bombus Vespidae Parancistrocerus Ancistrocerus Vespula Sphecidae Chlorion Sphex Ammophila Bicyrtes Pompilidae Pepsis Dipogon Scoliidae Triscolia "San Martin" 2010 Halictidae Augochlora Lasioglossum Megachilidae Trachusa Anthidium Crabronidae Crabro 2011 Megachilidae Trachusa Heriades Megachile Anthidium Halictidae Augochlora Vespidae Ancistrocerus Vespula Orchard Species Number of Specimens "La sp.
This he does largely through an analysis of the detailed workings of the sphex wasp, whose complex behavior reveals a patterned and intelligible series of acts in light of the goal-directed explanation that Okrent proposes.
Grab an exclusive pre-order package to get a Razer Sphex City of Heroes Going Rogue(TM) desktop skin for high quality and precision on an ultrathin surface as you swipe your favorite gaming mouse and choose the fate of your hero; more details can be found here: http://www2.
Three species (Ammophila nigricans Dahlbom, Eremnophila aureonotata (Cameron), and Sphex nudus Fernald) comprised 91.
Foraging capacity of the great golden digger wasp Sphex ichneumoneus.