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an optical aberration resulting in a distorted image

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Mean RMS values of total HOAs, coma (3rd order aberration) and spherical aberrations (4th order aberration) were calculated.
56 times increase in RMS of total HOAs (Table-III) after surgery and a weak but statistically significant positive correlation between induced change in spherical aberrations and pre LASIK spherical equivalent of refractive error.
For optical systems with large apertures, such as the eye with a dilated pupil, spherical aberration is a significant problem since the peripheral lens refracts rays of light more than at the centre.
The effect of spherical aberration in the human eye is decreased by several adaptations.
In most cases, microscope objectives will specify the sample thickness in image studies to be used to avoid any distortions, however, the MID/SAC combines a unique optical system in conjunction with a unique software program to seek the correct spherical aberration correction, regardless the objective, at successive z-depths.
The primary aberrations that degrade the beam are known as quadratic, coma, astigmatism and spherical aberration.
Visual acuity (VA), Spherical equivalent (SE) of refractive error, RMS value of total HOAs, coma and spherical aberrations were evaluated.
The TECNIS([R]) 1-Piece IOL's innovative design and ease-of-use enhancements combine with the proven TECNIS([R]) IOL optics to reduce spherical aberration to essentially zero, and improve night driving simulator performance.
Objective: To assess high order and spherical aberrations results of hydrophobic acrylic AMO Sensar AR40E and hydrophobic acrylic Alcon AcrySof SA60AT intraocular lenses after implantation in cases with bilateral cataract.
By targeting zero spherical aberration, TECNIS([R]) lenses are designed to provide rejuvenated vision, more like that of a younger adult with no spherical aberrations.
Ophthalmologists and patients alike benefit from the ALLEGRETTO WAVE's shorter treatment times, safety features and unique ablation profile designed to minimize the induction of spherical aberrations during surgery.
Spherical Aberrations result from the fact that focal points of light rays far from the optic axis of a spherical lens are different from the focal points of rays of the same wavelength passing near the center.
Aberrations include refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, as well as other higher order aberrations such as spherical aberrations and coma, which can cause night vision problems, glare and halos.