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English philosopher and sociologist who applied the theory of natural selection to human societies (1820-1903)

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The Spencers are a family whose noble lineage goes back to Tudor times, a family with ties of kinship that range from George Washington to Winston Churchill.
The Spencers have long been known as a difficult family, and many found supporting evidence in the fact Diana was continually firing and replacing members of her personal staff, evidently unable to get along with them.
In his tribute to Diana on Saturday, Charles, the 9th Earl Spencer, referred indirectly, but with some derision, to the fact the Windsors had stripped his sister of the title Her Royal Highness.
Photo:Domenick Medina, head chef and part owner of Spencers in Pasadena, shows off a couple of his creations.
Nelson said he believes that "local ownership and leadership by the Spencers will benefit current franchisees in the region" and that the new Regional Owners are "eager also to further grow the Fantastic Sams brand in their territory".
The company has continuously held the licensing rights to the mid-south region until this transfer of ownership to the Spencers, marking the 4th time in the past year that Fantastic Sams has sold one of its regions to local buyers.
BUSINESS WIRE)--March 31, 1999--CarolAnn and Larry Spencer of Batesville, Miss.
Spencer's and Spirit Halloween needed to take the next step in streamlining its vendor communications by advancing our EDI program," stated Kyle Helvie, Chief Information Officer at Spencer Gifts LLC.
We are pleased to have been selected by Spencer Gifts to perform their enablement program," commented Archie Black, President and CEO of SPS Commerce.
It was important to Spencer Gifts that our enablement program offer cost-effective EDI solutions that were easy to use and implement for our non-EDI proficient vendors, as well as advanced EDI testing that addressed data content and integrity issues for our vendors with EDI systems," continued Helvie.
com's recently launched Career Center, Spencer Stuart Talent Network will provide Career Center members with quick and easy access to a wide array of Spencer Stuart Talent Network's content and tools.
com pages that are related to the industries in which Spencer Stuart Talent Network targets its recruiting efforts: banking, financial services, consumer goods, healthcare, human resources, e-commerce, media and entertainment, and pharmaceutical.
As part of its partnership with Kennedy Information, a leading information source for professional and financial services, Spencer Stuart Talent Network will feature full-page ads in Kennedy's print publications, Consulting Magazine and Shareholder Value Magazine.
Steve Zales, president and CEO of Spencer Stuart Talent Network, said, "The talented people at Icon Medialab have played an integral role in translating our vision of executive recruitment and career management to the Web.
The professionals developing Spencer Stuart Talent Network knew that service and ease of use would be a critical component of the site and called on Icon Medialab to create the functionality that makes online resources--including available positions, research capabilities, self-assessment tools and career information--quickly and easily accessible.