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  • verb

Synonyms for spellbind

to act upon with or as if with magic

to compel, as the attention, interest, or imagination, of

Synonyms for spellbind

to render motionless, as with a fixed stare or by arousing terror or awe

Related Words

attract strongly, as if with a magnet

put into a trance

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The Word Sleuths were sponsored by Fitchburg State College and the Spellbinders by Orchard Hills Athletic Club.
CUTLINE: From left, members of the Lunenburg Public Library's Spellbinders team - Chriztine Folte, Rick Leslie, Kathleen Leslie, Erin Willette and Mary Ann Sudolnik, laugh at the conclusion of the spelling bee last night.
Crafting fans can continue to enjoy 20 special Touchdown deals throughout the week, including brands like Chameleon, Spellbinders and exclusive products from the Create and Craft Couture Collection.
The 4 Day Deal features Spellbinders, one of the most popular die brands Create and Craft offers.
4 Day Deal Featured Brand: Spellbinders Every Tuesday at 4 PM EST
This year's winning team was The Spellbinders - John Reynolds, Shirley Lundberg and Anthony Poteete, all members of the Northboro/Southboro Regional School Committee.
The second-place team, the Spellbinders, from Mount Wachusett Community College, not only spelled their way to the final round but captured the Best Costume award with their Harry Potter-esque matching robes, black pointy hats, glowing wands and round black glasses.
Becky Cyganiewicz, Joe Stiso, Marsha Poor, Karen Payne and Robin Duncan made up the Spellbinders.
The word that led to the Stellar Spellers' final victory over the Spellbinders, paraparesis, was not without a little humor and controversy.
Stacey Caron, President & Co-Founder, Spellbinders Paper Arts, LLC (Phoenix, AZ)
I wanted to comprise a list of spellbinders," he said.
It is not enough to be a good communicator to be considered a spellbinder.