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About 9 per cent of children face speech disorders alone, while 7 per cent experience language development concerns.
In young children, the prevalence of speech sound disorders is 8 to 9%; approximately 5% of children have noticeable speech disorders identified by the time they enter first grade, most of which are idiopathic.
Since its release in December, the movie has been inspiring stutterers and raising public awareness of speech disorders, say experts.
Results of original research and of literature searches explore speech disorders along a number of axes.
Speech-generating devices and therapies for people who can't speak because of conditions such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis might also be aided by the research, said Sandra Combs of the University of Cincinnati, who studies speech disorders.
Sucking habits such as pacifier use, finger sucking and bottle feeding are associated with speech disorders in pre-school children, a study has found.
Speech disorders can still be present alter reconstructive surgical treatment.
SPEECH disorders can affect lives and have a major impact on work and social life.
Current research is into meningitis, premature birth, bone marrow transplantation, cleft lip and palate and speech disorders.
Brain imaging technology could influence how teachers reach out to students with attention deficit disorder, auditory and speech disorders and learning disabilities.
ASTAMMERING is one of the more obvious speech disorders which can cause much embarrassment to the affected person and the increased stress it causes often makes the stammer worse, creating a vicious cycle.
Physical signs of emotional abuse may include speech disorders, anachronistically infantile behavior or lags in emotional development.
Some, such as the Journal of Hearing and Speech Disorders, will be of a technical nature while others, such as Exceptional Parent, will have more of a humanistic slant.
Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute is a nationally renowned rehabilitation facility dedicated to restoring and enhancing the quality of life for people with spinal cord injury, brain injury, stroke, work or sports-related injuries and neurological or muscular disorders including arthritis, multiple sclerosis, speech disorders and chronic pain.