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Synonyms for speaker



Synonyms for speaker

a person who speaks on behalf of another or others

one who delivers a public speech

Synonyms for speaker

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The long-drawn gurgle of the practised public speaker pleased them much.
Oddly enough, when the speaker was no longer in front of them, there seemed to be much that was suggestive in what he had said.
Ladislaw, who stood at the window behind the speaker, thought, "it's all up now.
Presently she heard some one approach her, and a moment later a woman's voice addressed her; but she could not understand enough of the native tongue to make out precisely the message the speaker wished to convey.
Of course, they could squirm as they perished, as the socialists squirmed, as the speaker on the platform and the perspiring crowd were squirming even now as they counselled together for some new device with which to minimize the penalties of living and outwit the Cosmos.
He secured silence, at the outset, by a humorous allusion to the prolix speaker who had preceded him.
exclaimed the five men in one voice, raising themselves on their hands and elbows, and glaring at the speaker.
Tom Driscoll had been looking at the speaker, but dropped his eyes at this point.
He was a pleasant, earnest speaker, and he interwove his discourse with stories of life in a foreign land,--of the manners, the customs, the speech, the point of view; even giving glimpses of the daily round, the common task, of his own household, the work of his devoted helpmate and their little group of children, all born under Syrian skies.
Well, I am the most disinterested among you, after all,' said the first speaker,' for I never wear black gloves, and I never eat lunch.
It ain't no murder killing beasts like that," said the first speaker.
Speeches, therefore, which do not make this manifest, or in which the speaker does not choose or avoid anything whatever, are not expressive of character.
The speaker, at the same time that she shrunk in a kind of sensitive horror from this exhibition of human infirmities, now unconsciously stopped, with an interest in the man that she could not controul, and thus compelled Maria to pause also.
The black drew up, with a cheerful grin upon his chilled features, and began thrashing his arms together in order to restore the circulation of his fingers, while the speaker stood erect and, throwing aside his outer covering, stepped from the sleigh upon a bank of snow which sustained his weight without yielding.
Here the speaker sat down in his place, And directed the Judge to refer to his notes And briefly to sum up the case.