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the sterilization of an animal

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The fact of the matter is, spay or neuter doesn't improve their behavior in any way," she says.
They are rolling out “Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda,” a Spay/Neuter Early, Humane Alliance Campaign, that lets people know the best time to spay or neuter puppies and kittens easily and safely is by 4 months old to prevent accidental litters.
Powers, Spay Worcester's chairwoman, the task force's goal is to spay or neuter every cat, particularly reducing the sufferings and numbers of free-roaming cats in Worcester.
When we give out a certificate we are trying to get to people who need to spay or neuter their pet," Heisen said.
It's time we all reached out to our neighbors who want to be responsible animal guardians, but don't have the resources to spay or neuter their animals.
Many Petland stores offer customers who adopt a Petland puppy or kitten a certificate for a free or discounted spay or neuter, which may be redeemed at the store's local consulting veterinary office.
There are many reasons Las Vegas Valley residents should spay or neuter their pets:
People can call or email the Second Chance Fund to apply for an at-cost spay or neuter.
They would then be given time to spay or neuter their pets before a fine would be assessed.
There, volunteer veterinarians spay or neuter the cats and administer basic vaccinations.
It was not too long ago that she found out the hard way how important it is to spay or neuter your pet.
Beckwith, who founded Second Chance seven years ago, said the group's low-cost clinics in Worcester (at two locations,) Athol, Clinton, Gardner, Lancaster, and Leominster, which have a capacity to spay or neuter 200 cats a month, have been underused lately, for unclear reasons.
Now, he wants to make it mandatory to spay or neuter nearly every dog and cat in California.
There are exceptions in the law for certified and registered show dogs as well as for dogs that a veterinarian certifies as being at too much medical risk to spay or neuter.
Los Angeles County supervisors on Tuesday gave final approval to an ordinance that requires most dog owners in unincorporated areas to spay or neuter their dogs and tag them with identification microchips.