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The vegetation in Group 1 was dominated by Fontinalis antipyretica (78% of the sites), Nuphar lutea (70%), and Sparganium emersum (70%).
tenuissimus 4 7 M H C E Saururus cernuus 4 9 M EH C D Spirodela polyrrhiza 5 7 M H C E Utricularia gibba 4 10 M EH C E Utricularia macrorhiza 5 9 M EH C D Wolffia brasiliensis 6 7 M H C D Wolffia columbiana 5 7 M H C E Zannichellia palustris 6 10 M EH D E Eleocharis palustris 8 10 H EH D E Sparganium emersum 8 10 H EH D D Vallisneria americana 7 7 H H E E Ceratophyllum echinatum 10 10 EH EH E E Myriophyllum verticillatum 10 10 EH EH E E Potamogeton amplifolius 10 10 EH EH Table 2.
Globular, condensed inflorescences also occur in Eriocaulaceae, Sparganium, and Rapateaceae.
a thistle; Vicia americana, American purple vetch (not on our list); Rhus glabra, smooth sumac; Asclepias speciosa, showy milkweed; Toxicodendron radicans, poison ivy; Apocynum cannabinum, hemp dogbane; Helianthus petiolaris, plains sunflower; Amorpha fruticosa, wildindigo; Gaura coccinea, scarlet gaura; Monarda pectinata, a mint not on our list; Potamogeton nodosus, floating-leaf pondweed; Rubus occidentalis, black raspberry; Sparganium eurycarpum, bur-reed; Callirhoe involucrata, purple poppy-mallow; Plantago patagonica, woolly plantain; and Anemone canadensis, meadow anemone.
A few are very common species, while some are relatively uncommon [Amsonia tabernaemontana (blue star), Cicuta bulbifera (bulblet water hemlock), Oxypolis rigidior (cowbane), Ranunculus pensylvanicus (bristly crowfoot), Sparganium eurycarpum bur-reed)].
Our sample area was dominated by Typha angustifolta, Leersia oryzoides, and Sparganium eurycarpum.
A good assemblage of the uncharred fruits and seeds of aquatic species (Potamogeton (pondweed), Nuphar lutea (yellow water-lily), Nymphaea alba (white water-lily), Hippuris vulgaris (mare's tail), Sparganium erectum (bur-reed), Eleocharis multicaulis/palustris (spike-rush) and Elatine hydropiper (waterwort)) was recovered amongst the otherwise charred debris from one of these hearths.
The most common aquatic macrophytes were: Elodea canadensis L, Sparganium americanum Nutt, and Sagittarla latifolia Willd.
Sparganium eurycarpum, and Impatiens capensis cover differed between the two groups of stations, but their relative cover index within stations was low (Table 3).
For instance, it was recently suggested that the overall rate of methane release to the atmosphere in a peatland is controlled by the supply of oxygen to the rhizosphere of the aquatic macrophyte Sparganium eurycarpum (King, 1996).
Uber die Blutenstude und Bluten souie zur Embryologie von Sparganium.
Uber die Blutenstande und Bluten sowie zur Embryologie von Sparganium.