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herbs and hydrophytes such as Cyperaceae, Sparganiaceae, Restionaceae,
Hydatellaceae, Mayacaceae, Rapateaceae, Sparganiaceae, Typhaceae and
It would be interesting to investigate the aluminum level in members of related taxa, such as Typhaceae, Sparganiaceae, and Bromeliaceae.
All taxa listed in Poales (Table I) have secretory tapeta, except for Sparganiaceae and Typhaceae (a sister pair, both plasmodial) and some "unknown" taxa, notably Hydatellaceae and Thurniaceae, for which more data are required.
14B) Juncaceae Crassinucellate Marantaceae Crassinucellate Mayacaceae Tenuinucellate Musaceae Crassinucellate Philydraceae Crassinucellate Poaceae Tenuinucellate or crassinucellate Pontederiaceae Crassinucellate Rapateaceae Crassinucellate Restionaceae Tenuinucellate (except dlexgeorgia) Sparganiaceae Crassinucellate Strelitziaceae Crassinucellate Thurniaceae Unknown Typhaceae Crassinucellate Velloziaceae Tenuinucellate Xyridaceae Tenuinucellate Zingiberaceae Crassinucellate Family References(*) Anarthriaceae Linder & Rudall, 1993 Arecaceae Dahlgren et al.