Spanish War

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a war between the United States and Spain in 1898

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For the seminal work at the time, see Walter Reed, Victor Vaughan, and Edward Shakespeare, Report on the Origin and Spread of Typhoid Fever in US Military Camps during the Spanish War of 1898 (Washington DC: Government Printing Office, 1904).
First published in Scribner's Magazine in August 1901, the long short story "A Derelict," was Davis's final Spanish War fiction.
Immaculada Colomina Limonero, Dos patrias, tres mil destinos: Vida y exilio de los ninos de la guerra de Espana refugiados en la Union Sovietica (Two Countries, Three Thousand Destinations: The Life and Exile of the Children of Spanish War Refugees in the Soviet Union).
Throughout the Spanish war, Stalinism was assisted not only by superb public relations but by the naivete, gullibility and, it must be said, the mendacity and corruption of Western intellectuals, especially their willingness to overlook what W.
Since our seizure of their islands in the Spanish war, the Filipinos have had ambiguous feelings towards the USA: comfort with much of the American connection and high sensitivity over what is seen as colonial dependence.
It is not over yet by a long shot, and one thing that has been learned in this Spanish war is that anything can happen and the experts are always wrong.
In June 1937, the editorial staff of The Left Review published a pamphlet entitled 'Authors Take Sides on the Spanish War.
This new message, according to Castellet, would culminate in The Old Man and the Sea, but it took definite shape in the Spanish war novel.
The United Spanish War Veterans, 16 strong, received their National Encampment Charter on Dec.
Since all men of the family perish (Richard dies after Iris leaves him, Alex dies during the Spanish War, and Sabrina has a father with an unknown identity), the relationships among women are the only meaningful ones.
On a European scale the 1700s offer a long suing of turbulent historical events, including the Spanish War of Succession and the French Revolution, that had a noticeable impact on political and artistic life in Florence and Tuscany.
This time, rather than blaming Communists and Moscow for the defeat of the Republic, Orwell wrote that the "outcome of the Spanish war .
His concern with securing their memory inspired one of his very few poems, an elegy for an Italian militiaman he had encountered at the Lenin Barracks on first arriving in Barcelona, published at the end of his essay "Looking Back on the Spanish War.