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a canned meat made largely from pork

unwanted e-mail (usually of a commercial nature sent out in bulk)

send unwanted or junk e-mail

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However, we can trust the sender IP address that is stored in the last "Received From" record that is written by our spam trap system.
Email spam collected via the email spam trap system that has more than 11,000 virtual email accounts, was used to verify the efficiency of the proposed methodology.
Return Path's Analytics team reviewed data on complaint rates, spam trap hits and unknown user rates by Sender Score.
The service returns the customer's file with all invalid email addresses and spam traps tagged for easy removal or replacement, along with a detailed report.
At its global network of spam traps, Sophos has intercepted emails inviting recipients to join a book club, claiming to offer a free copy of "The Da Vinci Code" as an incentive.
Sophos experts examined all spam messages received at the company's global network of spam traps from January 2005-March 2005.
IPs with high Sender Scores have low complaint rates, low unknown user rates, stable sending volumes and rarely hit spam traps.
Additional anti-spam capabilities include the tracking and updating of reputations in real-time via data collected from spam traps, OEM partners uploading anonymous data statistics from applications, a collaborative end-user network, and data sharing partnerships.
Experts at SophosLabs scanned all spam messages received in the company's global network of spam traps and have revealed a dramatic rise in the proportion of the world's spam messages being sent from compromised Russian computers.
Excessive complaints, undeliverable mail and the presence of spam traps can quickly give marketers a bad email reputation and result in their email being delivered to a junk folder or blocked altogether.
With email sourced from our spam traps throughout the Internet, as well as submissions from thousands of customer systems worldwide spanning small and medium businesses, enterprises, government institutions, and Internet Service Providers across over 80 countries, Barracuda Central has the world's most diverse corpus of email on which to base reputation data.
To identify zombie infected computers, Simplicita ZBX enables ISPs to aggregate and correlate internal reputation data from network devices, application and DNS server logs, and third party data such as spam traps or "honey pots", and complaint feedback loops.
Symantec Brightmail AntiSpam(TM) -- Provides a global view of email traffic by leveraging the extensive Symantec Probe Network of over 2 million spam traps in 20 countries, identifying and blocking non-English-language spam and gathering threat information from Symantec Brightmail Logistics and Operations Centers worldwide.
In addition, technology is required to help ensure you are not "mistaken" for a spammer, such as content screening before the send, and technology to review your data integrity for known bounces, spam traps and other things that can contaminate your list.