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Do not suppose that he has ever blamed or thought of blaming you for leaving him with me in Spain, as soon as he was declared to be out of danger.
They are cavaliers of Spain who have followed him in his exile.
It is not our custom in Spain to reward pertness in a messenger," Don Pedro answered, patting the head of his greyhound.
When that happy day comes," said Pedro, "then Spain shall be to you as Aquitaine, and, be your project what it may, you may ever count on every troop and every ship over which flies the banner of Castile.
He must have remembered, when he grew up, how the people mourned when the dead body of the Douglas and the heart of the gallant Bruce were brought home from Spain.
The reason that no other historian had ever taken into consideration such an early date for the initial development of Renaissance humanism in Spain was due to an unusual displacement of attention in modern Spanish historiography.
Olive Oil from Spain seeks submissions for the title of Seattle's biggest foodie.
Perkins for providing technical assistance with the laboratory component of this study; and Diverse Conservation Agencies of Spain for facilitating permits for fieldwork in that country.
Pares came to the United States four years ago after going through training in Spain.
Isolated occurrences of expressions relating to a cultural renewal, such as "dispelling the darkness of ignorance," "illuminating Spain with new light," or "driving out the barbarians from schools and universities," which are first recorded in the writings of this time, began to appear at an increasing rate in letters, books and treatises during the next two centuries, when both the notion of a cultural reawakening and the role of the movement responsible for bringing it about - what we call today humanism - were widely acknowledged.
Prior to joining Goldman Sachs in 1988, he was Country Manager for Spain at Chase Manhattan Bank N.
Live crabs were imported to Spain from the United Kingdom, processed under unhealthy conditions, and stored at room temperature for several hours before they were eaten.
Spain, the center's director for six years, will take a job programming and operating three venues in Santa Rosa.
Global corporate-level profiles of key companies operating within the Spain Cardiovascular Devices market.