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So neither the gallant captain nor his little ship were led home to the triumph of Spain.
I should have shed tears myself," said the curate when he heard the title, "had I ordered that book to be burned, for its author was one of the famous poets of the world, not to say of Spain, and was very happy in the translation of some of Ovid's fables.
And yet there is much in what the Gascon says," said a swarthy fellow in a weather-stained doublet; "and I for one would rather prosper in Italy than starve in Spain.
He said this while addressing a meeting held at the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) here, the ambassador said that the time was high to do more for further increasing mutual trade ties between Pakistan and Spain.
Acrylonitrile industry market dynamics in Spain from 2005 to 2019, consisting of market size, demand and production outlook, demand by end-use sector, and average prices
However, patient 2 spent 1 day in August in Zaragoza, Spain, during which an outbreak of Legionnaires' disease in the city affected 30 persons.
The total of all Latin America-bound remittances from Spain is $2.
Spain was one of the first to fall in line with EEC demands that all sparkling wine producers outside France's Champagne region cease calling their product by that name.
With chefs from other countries flocking to Spain because of Ferran Adria (El Bulli's Catalan chef, the Salvador Dali of the culinary world who was awarded his third Michelin star in 1997 and is responsible for edible foams and bubbly airs, working with liquid nitrogen, hot ice creams, etc.
Eager as he was to retain as much of his American possessions as possible, Carlos III was particularly zealous to keep Louisiana as a buffer to protect his empire's chief source of overseas wealth--the Zacatecas silver mine in Mexico City, the capital of New Spain.
In addition to the Spanish Army, the revolt was backed by the landowners in Spain, by the church hierarchy, and by powerful business or capitalist interests worldwide.
One of Ernesto's ancestors had, apparently, been part of the entourage of the viceroy Caracciolo, "sent from Spain to Sicily following its conquest" and Ernesto wanted his children to study in Spain and maintain the family's Spanish connections.
Concerned mainly with the three decades following the Civil War, Spain uses the minutes and reports of the annual Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) and the minutes, reports, and newspapers of twelve state conventions (ex-Confederate states plus Kentucky) to ascertain how Southern Baptists integrated their understanding of Christian faith into southern society.