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spaghetti served with a tomato sauce

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pasta in the form of long strings

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Interestingly, the association took its name from its first project in the late sixties -near Bromford Bridge, sitting close to Spagetti Junction.
79 Tinned spagetti cheapest own label in tomato 410g 0.
On another occasion, in a restaurant, he threw a plate of spagetti bolognese at fellow tour pro Russell Claydon.
Lowri recalled her childhood passion for tinned spagetti Bolognese on toast, topped with cheese - a dish she rediscovered with some vigour when she was pregnant.
Dishes/prices: Sardinian-style spagetti with lobster ($15), seafood pizza ($.
The spagetti bolo gnese was sensational -rich and meaty without being too heavy on the stomach, while the mozzarella and tomato combo was light,fresh and fantastic.