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Synonyms for sovereignty

Synonyms for sovereignty

the right and power to command, decide, rule, or judge

the condition of being politically free

Synonyms for sovereignty

government free from external control

royal authority


the authority of a state to govern another state

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1841: Hong Kong was proclaimed a British sovereign territory.
This was a clear reference to Israel, who the Lebanese government accuses of violating its sovereign territory in exploring oil and gas reserves found in the Eastern Mediterranean, bordering the two countries.
Turkish officials are reportedly refusing to allow Israeli police or rescue workers to enter the embassy, which is technically Turkish sovereign territory.
and the EU when it comes to ending the 43-year-long belligerent occupation of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip (no portion of which any country recognizes as Israel's sovereign territory and as to which Israel has only even asserted sovereignty over a tiny portion, occupied East Jerusalem).
Each ship will provide four acres of sovereign territory wherever they are stationed in the world.
Indeed, in the case of Kosovo, the Albanian population sees itself as being ethnically part of the Albanian people living within the sovereign territory of Albania.
The Tbilisi City Court has rejected a legal motion brought by the Russian mobile telephone carrier Megafon seeking the dismissal of a fine imposed on the company by regulatory authorities for illegal unlicensed operations in South Ossetia and other areas of Georgia's sovereign territory.
John McCain can harshly condemn Russia for invading the sovereign territory of Georgia while defending the U.
They also sought to instruct colonial officials as to what comprised their sovereign territory.
Furthermore, because Akwesasne is a sovereign territory, collaboration developed very deliberately and through a dual process that was familiar on one level to academics and on another level to the Native American community.
Whereas invading the sovereign territory of a rogue state is an acceptable form of anticipatory self-defense fully consistent with international norms and America's avowed support of the rule of law;
1841: Hong Kong was officially proclaimed a British sovereign territory.
That is, some states can lawfully 'invade the sovereign territory of other states to stop massive bloodshed'.
The district court dismissed the actions, holding that the cases could be considered only as petitions for writs of habeas corpus, and finding that aliens held by the United States outside the sovereign territory of the United States could not use U.