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an open-air market in an Arabian city

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Amlak is a wholly owned subsidiary of the country's Social Insurance Organization (SIO), and is expected to commence its refurbishment works at the Souq Al Buhair development.
Souq Al Buhair will be revamped into "a modern mixed-use facility", BNA reported.
Further commenting on the project; Amlak's CEO, Mr Mohammed Abdulelah Al Kooheji said, "The renovated Souq Al Buhair will meet the complete needs of the residents.
The souq will be rebuilt on Bank Street in Sharjah, based on the foundations detected through the survey conducted using ground-penetrating radar and the excavation and exploration works are under way with the support of His Highness Dr Shaikh Sultan Bin Mohammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah.
The small souq, located between the wholesale vegetable market and the fish market, is particularly popular with Qatari patrons, who tend to form the majority of visitors.
However, the heritage souq in Deira is said to be largely unaffected by DSF, with business as usual.
Citing lack of adequate parking space and avoiding unnecessary parking fines, some regular visitors to other Souqs nearby said they still prefer to pay to park their vehicles there, not minding its dirtiness and filthy as well as dark and spooky-looking ambience.
Today, the small ships are gone from Buhairah Corniche, but the spice shops have continued to flourish in Souq Irani as they call that strip of road along the Corniche, between Souq Kadeem and Souq Al Majara, where thousands go to buy spices, particularly during Ramadan and Eid even now.
With the establishment of the large retail chains such as Lulu Hypermarket and Carrefour in the city, stores selling goods such as textiles, groceries and gifts admit to have witnessed a decline in sales in both the souqs.
Souq Al Buhair is located in East Riffa and will have 30 retail units once completed by mid-2017.
Last year, tourists mainly from Europe, Russia, and China were the constant visitors of the souqs.
However, when most of the souqs in Doha are bustling with activities during the summer months, the footfall in this marketplace hasn't picked up much.
There are also sections that highlight Omani products found in Mutrah Souq such as jewelry, frankincense, dates, and rose water, some of the other souqs in Oman, Omani clothing, local festivals, and the Sultanate's history.
Summary: The long stretch of open souqs in the Heritage Area and near Khalid Lagoon in Sharjah has weathered the waves of Indian, Persian and Arab merchandisers during the two centuries of maritime trading.
Sharjah: Long before shopping centres sprang up around the city, souqs were the main gathering points for residents who enjoyed catching up on the local gossip while going about their shopping.