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sound recording on a narrow strip of a motion picture film

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The new service specifically caters to Poptent community members, allowing them to include pre-licensed music soundtracks in any of their Poptent-sponsored video assignments and other projects for major brands and agencies worldwide.
The 1987 film "Dirty Dancing" is not only a classic but also has one of the most beloved soundtracks of all time.
Along with these vocal tracks, used ironically in the scathingly satirical film, the soundtrack includes excerpts from Thomas Newman's score.
Think of some of Norman McLaren's best moments, particularly from Begone Dull Care (made with Evelyn Lambart in 1949) or Blinkity Blank (1955), add an astonishing hand-drawn soundtrack, and you can start to imagine the experience of watching Reeves's films.
LOS ANGELES -- WaterTower Music announced today that the label has held the top spot on Billboard's soundtrack chart for 13 weeks in 2012.
Previously, two Star Wars soundtracks held that distinction in a three-way tie with the two Spider Man soundtracks and two American Idol soundtrack collections.
One early clue that the ``Best Laid Plans'' soundtrack would be worth hearing is the track listing that includes composer Craig Armstrong, among the first artists signed to Massive Attack's label, Melankolic.
We believe that Raven Animation will be able to produce high quality animated G-Rated movies and television programs along with viable soundtracks at a fraction of the cost that many Hollywood based studios are paying.
6 /PRNewswire/ -- Sony Classical and Really Useful Records original motion picture soundtrack recording of Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera is #1 on Billboard's Soundtrack Chart and #44 on the Top 200 according to today's Soundscan report.
Loosely based around water themes in Japanese-influenced music, it's the soundtrack for a tea ceremony of your own.
Soundtrack from the Hit Disney Channel Original Series Ships Platinum in Its First Week and Claims the #1 Spot on Both the Billboard Soundtrack and Children's Charts
Fans who purchase any or all of the seven CD's will be able to use them to unlock exclusive content -- including cheat codes for the game -- at Epic Records' Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Soundtracks website, http://www.
In fact, the Coen siblings and Burnett deserve equal credit for one of the most wide-ranging soundtracks in memory.
Walt Disney Records enjoys a new label best with three soundtracks - High School Musical, Disney/Pixar Cars and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest - ranking in the Top 25 on the Billboard Top 200 chart while simultaneously occupying the top three positions on the Billboard Soundtrack chart.
CD's pre- ordered through the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Soundtracks store will arrive in mail boxes on the October 29 -- launch date of both the game and the soundtracks.