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the brightest star in the sky

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Every year around the time of the Nile River floods, Sothis would rise in the early morning sky after a long absence.
The researchers therefore compared the modern calendar, the ancient Egyptian calendar, and the cycle of the star to find the exact day Sothis would have appeared that year.
So far, over 200,000 people have completed this programme and a million more are predicted to do sothis year.
Sothis year you can be the one at the Christmas party saying, "Look at the weight I've lost", rather than the usual theme -"If only I had lost some weight".
I was prescribed Champix again - this was my last chance as I will never get this drug again as it is prescription only sothis hasmade it easier for me as I am determined to do it.
Luft's analysis shows that this festival was dated by the lunar calendar and occurred before the heliacal rising of Sothis.
Finally, Luft presents a short essay on the absolute date for the heliacal rising of Sothis in year 7 of Sesostris III recorded in the Lahun archive.
She said: 'I have always helped with Paul and have always enjoyed working with kids, sothis seemed like the perfect career for me.
When you have hit the crossbar that manytimesyoustarttowonder "I was beginning to think the tide would never turn in our favour, sothis win is most welcome, especially as we hadtonursethehorsebackfromaleg injuryacoupleofyearsago.