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Words related to sportsmanship

fairness in following the rules of the game

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Hip-hop impresario Kanye West has become almost as well-known for his sore loser outbursts as his music.
But sore loser Wills, 31, yelled, "We were sabotaged
Klitschko joked, and advised Haye to avoid appearing like "a sore loser.
THE SORE LOSER Telltale signs: Stages a smear campaign all over town claiming ex-boyfriend was clumsy in the bedroom, leaves abusive messages on his voicemail, throws rotten tomatoes at his car.
I am not a sore loser, but I think we were very unlucky not to have won that game.
HRC need not endorse the untested Ned Lamont, who beat Lieberman, but sticking with the sore loser is personal loyalty to the point of obstruction.
I'm kind of a sore loser, so I'm a little disappointed,'' said Robertson, who leads the Anteaters (3-8) into tonight's nonconference match at 7 p.
Right cracker: Kris Hughes lands a punch on Dane Bilal Alissa' Johnston: Skipper' Muncie: Sore loser
The Blues boss admits it will be 'truly great' to see Ferguson's Manchester United at St Andrew's in December - but branded the legendary boss a sore loser.
The prank backfired for him as it did for Mobil and Citicorp years ago," says a marketing consultant, who notes that his behavior simply drew attention to the article and positioned Gerstner as a sulky sore loser.
I was told off by my mom and dad for being a sore loser.
THERE'S nothing worse than a sore loser, Lord Alan Sugar.
He's a sore loser when he narrowly misses out - but then winners usually are.
Front page article ``Us or them'' is a typical sore loser headline.
You will think Gaucci is either a sore loser or a jackass.