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a straw hat with a tall crown and broad brim

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I'll happily have my shorts on and I'll see if I can buy a sombrero somewhere, but it won't look so good.
With the total donation amount for 2014, coming in at $12,240, the company exceeded its goal by $540, bringing the total amount donated to MDA, from Sombrero Mexican Food, to $30,540.
Controversy at the draconian ban deepened last night, when video emerged of an union officer wearing a sombrero for a joke - opening the door to claims of hypocrisy by the Guild.
Remember that in 1952 when this picture was taken, a sombrero was an unusual and rare piece of headgear and this was at least two decades before it was obligatory to return from Benidorm with one on your head.
PEDRO Antonio de Alarcon's short novel El sombrero de tres picos is among the most read works of nineteenth-century Spain.
A sombrero in raffia and a bright green cactus front the colourful footwear with a ric-rac trim and plenty of swagger.
For the ceiling, "their solution was a decon-structivist's version of a Mexican sombrero," says Kale.
The American international dons a huge sombrero, brightly-coloured poncho and bushy, stick-on moustache in an attempt to cross the border from the US to Mexico.
This will be achieved by them accumulating as many Sombrero Points as possible:
com) says it is offering a limited-edition Pink Sombrero wire manager as a fundraiser at $10 each, with free shipping.
for enemies a Spanish donkey laden with cockroach eggs, and for friends a sombrero - they play havoc with hat racks.
We ought to ban the sombrero, The fez and the turban, The fedora, the trilby, So awfully suburban.
Villela proudly displayed a new clubhead cover Lopez gave her -- of a man taking a siesta under a big sombrero -- and she played with a ball he gave her.
El Sombrero, La Piazzetta, and Cafe del Sol are specialty restaurants at Altos de Chavon, and Chinois is based at the resort's marina.
This galaxy is commonly known as the Sombrero galaxy.