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a straw hat with a tall crown and broad brim

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Rhoderick Armamento, Quezon provincial police chief, said the boat left on Good Friday for Sombrero island, known for its white sand beach in Burias, Masbate province, for a picnic.
It is incumbent upon Congress to declare the Sombrero Turtle and Sea Eagle Island Sanctuary as Protected Area and Critical Habitat in order to safeguard its ecological significance and protect the diminishing pollution of the Hawksbill Turtles (Erethmochelys Imbricate) and Green Sea Turtles (Chelonia Mydas)," Bravo said.
Atendiendo al simbolismo del sombrero, existen tantas tipologias como roles sociales, la forma y/o el material empleado en su confeccion, adquieren categoria de simbolo: el crecimiento en altura y verticalidad que proporciona su utilizacion, crea en el espectador un sentimiento de respeto y contencion, haciendo resaltar la autoridad del portador.
Todos nuestros "yo" representados cada uno por su sombrero bailan sobre nosotros.
THE poor old sombrero has been getting it in the neck again.
ROTHERHAM boss Steve Evans will turn up at Leeds dressed in a sombrero, shorts and T-shirt - if the fans want him to.
com)-- Sombrero Mexican Food, celebrating 30 years of serving “San Diego-style,” fast casual cuisine, hosted its 3rd annual “Make a Muscle, Make a Difference” campaign for the Muscular Dystrophy Association at all 19 of its locations, spanning Southern California, Arizona and Texas.
Mexican outfits have been banned by zealous student officers at a university union whose vice-President was captured on video wearing - a sombrero.
Copper Fox Metals has established a wholly owned subsidiary, Desert Fox Copper, to act as its primary operating vehicle responsible for exploration and development activities on its Van Dyke and Sombrero Butte copper projects in Arizona.
He was a big fish in the owning stakes at one time, with his most famous horse being Grey Sombrero who won the Whitbread in 1972 and then ran in Red Rum's 1973 Grand National.
There is a good picture of me somewhere wearing a sombrero and not much else
Gave you my shoes so you could blister with a day's worth of my walking The sun didn't set that was just the sky donning a dark sombrero A day of dreaming rubbing up against an eve- ning's pink emptiness There's a Harlem bakery decorated by the warmth of your hello.
All it needed was a sombrero and suddenly you were transformed into a band of Mexicans.
The sombrero was an addition after we were done with the peppers, and we based that on the huge success of our cowboy hat chip & dip.