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Synonyms for solitaire

a gem (usually a diamond) in a setting by itself

extinct flightless bird related to the dodo

a dull grey North American thrush noted for its beautiful song

a card game played by one person

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According to them "Almost every big news website has online solitaire card games, just because many people like to play these games and these websites want the visitors to stay on their website for an extended amount of time.
TimelyPick's staff studied this issue and they found out through a survey that people enjoy playing solitaire card games because it is: fun, passes the time, relaxing, challenging, addictive, helps train the brain and it is a great game.
The founders also promise that no annoying pop-ups will be displayed on TimelyPick's solitaire card games.
com currently features more than 15 single player free play and pay-to-play games, which include arcade, sports, skill stop, trivia, puzzles and classic solitaire card games.