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a city in west central Germany noted for cutlery

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The book is divided into four parts: the first unfolds the coalitional arguments; Solingen then applies this framework to regime type, regional institutions, and regional security trajectories.
Turkish Consul General in Cologne Mustafa Kemal Basa also said during the event that the Solingen fire did not only attack the Genc family, but it also attacked German democracy, he said.
Brothers Rainer and Harald Opolka set up Zweibruder Optoelectronics in Solingen in 1993.
For example, New Europe Safe is the model recommended for the brand of Chubsafe, the model of ABS4 9080 for the brands of Mosler, the model of Gladiator and Blockade for the brand of Solingen.
Solicut, a Solingen, Germany based company, has not been around as long as Arcos or Victorinox, but it is just as determined to make a name for itself in the United States.
com, includes gold plated desk accessories based on 1930s designs, Christmas and greeting cards, playing cards and gaming sets, picnic hampers with bone china crockery and high quality manicure sets made in the German precision-steel capital, Solingen.
Bob, aged 60, who grew up in Bedworth before moving to Solingen, Germany in 1974, has now written a novel based on her life.
Cylinders are milled from a solid block of German Solingen Steel and come with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer (excludes high-security machines).
One company are looking for just such a candidate in Solingen.
WELSH Districts failed to take their chances and slumped to defeat on a sunny day at the Solingen Stadium.
Reports in the German press said Wal-Mart was planning to sell off stores in Sigmaringen, Dusseldorf-Reisholz, Solingen and Erkelenz, following the closures at Ingolstadt and Wilhelmshaven.
Each of these implements is crafted from hot-forged Solingen steel for durability, especially to hold its edge, and slips into a designated slot in the carrying case.
Bausch, named Philippine by parents who ran a modest hotel cafe in the town of Solingen, was shy and fearful as a child.
Solingen" steel can mean one of the private blends from the German cutlery manufacturers centered in the city of Solingen.
As Schmidt escorts us through Hoyerswerda, Rostock, Molln, Solingen, and other German cities recently scarred by hate, it becomes increasingly evident that the epidemic of violence engulfing the Fatherland cannot be passed off simply as a case of racist hormones run amok among restless youth, a kind of neo-Nazi wilding.