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During Dubai Summer Surprises, the troupe will perform flamenco dances from Cordoba, Sevilla, Granadam Malaga, Sevillanas, Tanguillos, Malaguenas, Fandangos, Peteneras, Soleares, El Vito, El Garrotin and Verdiales.
In contrast to Segovia, who opted to play and champion music from the classical tradition, Barrios maintained close contact with his musical heritage--his guitar music illustrates a variety of styles typically associated with flamenco, such as soleares, saetas, and siguiriyas.
47), the melody in the bass line should be played with the right-hand thumb as an integral part of the musical style to which this piece belongs, a soleares.
The San Francisco-based dancer-choreographer Yaelisa most successfully incorporated the spirit of nuevo flamenco, with its bursts of movement and asymmetrical contrasts, in choosing to combine the traditional, but widely differing, forms of the soleares and alegrias in a single piece.