Soldiers of God

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an Islamic extremist group of Kurds who oppose secular control with bombings and assassinations

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McDermott and others have said that the hijackers saw themselves as soldiers of God.
Walker has grown up in the small, isolated town of Red Cedar, Oklahoma, dominated by an antigovernment militia group called the Soldiers of God, to which his father belongs.
He considers its formation consonant with Islamic teachings that call on all Muslims to become soldiers of God ready to do Jihad and he does not see the military as a profession but a duty of every individual Muslim.
The Baluchi insurgent group Jundallah or Soldiers of God took responsibility for the bombings, which included a suicide attack on a community meeting led by Revolutionary Guards and a roadside attack on a car full of Guards, both in the area of the city of Pishin.
They watch all these martial arts films and see themselves as soldiers of God, so putting rucksacks on your back and going up into the mountains is all part of the pattern.
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