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Synonyms for developer

a person instrumental in the growth of something, especially in its early stages

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someone who develops real estate (especially someone who prepares a site for residential or commercial use)

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photographic equipment consisting of a chemical solution for developing film

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We are pleased to release our new iWARE software development suites," said Greg Kalush, CEO and President of Interphase Corporation.
If HTML file creation from a template is not treated as software development, as the IRS has informally suggested, then the costs to create this item must be examined under IRC Secs.
When investigating the likely advances in software development beyond the year 2000, we must be aware that there already exists a collection of well-documented programs, processes, and techniques, most of which are not used in the average development project or even known to the team members.
Typical software development environments consist of networks of heterogeneous UNIX-based workstations, often remotely.
Andreas Willert founded Willert Software Tools GmbH in 1992 with a core business strategy to equip customers with complete software development environments created to solve their most demanding engineering challenges.
According to a recent Duke University/Booz Allen Hamilton study, managerial control is one of the key challenges for organizations sending software development and other high-end processes offshore.
6th Sense has the potential to profoundly impact software development organizations, especially when their teams span the globe.
Lauterbach's proven debugger technology has gained significant acceptance in the software development community," said Marc Serughetti, director of marketing at CoWare.
In addition to joining CollabNet's Global Business Partner Program, T4U is announcing a new and unique Global Distributed Software Development solution, with CollabNet Enterprise Edition at the core of the development platform.
The Luxoft Vancouver office will be headed by Michael Vax, who has more than 20 years of software development experience and is a certified Agile Scrum master as well as a member of the Agile Alliance.
The deterministic capability of virtualized software development allows the developer to recreate performance issues for in-depth inspection and diagnosis.
Traditionally, software development processes for setup and management of complex test environments have largely been manual, slow, inefficient and error prone.
To accelerate customers' system development time, AMCC's Saguaro evaluation kit provides users with a comprehensive set of resources including a custom-designed evaluation board, optimized packet processor software tools, an industry-leading PowerPC software development environment, sample applications, and hardware design files.
6th Sense Analytics, a pioneer in improving software development metrics, will host a free webcast roundtable discussion on globally distributed software development.
OB), the nationwide technology experts for design, engineering and facilities management, announced today that its newly renamed Software Development Solutions Group has completed its 75thcustom Autodesk technology solution.
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