soft-shell crab

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freshly molted crab with new shell still tender and flexible

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edible crab that has recently molted and not yet formed its new shell

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From left, the linseed crisp with smoked bacon pate and celeriac noodles, the softshell crab with squid ink and mooli
It certainly does a pretty good job with its softshell crab rendition ($7.
Besides the above new products, IbroMar BV will also present its existing range of high quality products, including: tuna and swordfish chunks and steaks; butterfish and marlin chunks and steaks; kingcrab and anowcrab meat; tuna nuggets, burgers and schnitzels; softshell crab and a lot more.
Meanwhile, a string ensemble played a series of soothing instrumentals as the guests enjoyed a sumptuous dinner of softshell crab and smoked salmon salad; Angus beef tenderloin medallion coupled with poached Chilean sea bass; and strawberry shortcake truffle, caramel mousse and macarons.
Incidentally, chef Niikura claims to have pioneered both softshell crab and spicy tuna as sushi bar items, the latter being Kushiyu's best-selling product.
CRAB, SALMON AT BRANDYWINE: It's Copper River salmon and softshell crab season - and Brandywine, 22757 Ventura Blvd.
Recommended items: Chicken teriyaki, chicken katsu, pork tonkatsu, fried oysters, assorted tempura, softshell crab appetizer.
95 Sundays through Tuesdays and fresh seasonal softshell crab meals are on tap for $19.
Chef-owner Mark Antoine Foster has added trout meuniere ($10), trout almondine ($11), softshell crab ($13.
This restaurant also prepares numerous sushi appetizers, sashimi, gyoza dumplings, whitefish, salmon and softshell crab.
Try Louisiana favorites gumbo, boudin, jambalaya, and red beans and rice, but save room for delicacies that include softshell crab po-boys, crab- and crawfish-stuffed mushrooms and garlicky oysters with artichokes.
There were no softshell or newly molted male crabs identified during the ON surveys leading us to believe there was a tendency to underestimate the number of softshell crabs.
is busy pan sauteing fresh softshell crabs that are carefully prepared with a potato-
His genius is evident throughout the menu: MacKay serves crispy softshell crabs, a joy to eat on its own, with a delightful apple chutney and a cauliflower puree.
Description: Softshell crabs as a special dinner item are cooked provencal-style, sauteed in lemon and butter with Italian parsley and garlic, accompanied by rice or potato and steamed fresh vegetables.