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an adherent of the teachings of Socinus

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At a moment when Milton advocates tolerance for the many Protestant sects abounding in Restoration England, Milton identifies the importance of his understanding of satisfaction in Christ's atonement on the cross by marking his continuing disagreement with the Socinian position on atonement: "their other Opinions are of less Moment.
Chapter one does an excellent job of detailing Socinian theology and chapter 'two discusses English engagement with Socinian thought in the years prior to the outbreak of the Civil Wars.
And there was no limitation or exception against Turk Jew Papist Arian Socinian Nicholaytan Familist or any other.
As White points out, "in late eighteenth-century religious terms, Barbauld's was a controversial yet still essentially a moderate position, tempering the enthusiasm of Puritan devotion and Calvinist rigorism in order to produce an open and warm religion that would be more endearing and personal than Socinian Dissent and both more demanding and less indifferent than the Church" (36).
As Smith points out, reason and the primacy of scripture, "the two fundamental instruments of Protestantism" (163), could be used in Socinian arguments just as in fundamentalist Calvinist ones, while his coda on Milton's depiction of the Son in Paradise Regained illustrates the poet's closeness to anti-Trinitarianism.
Their topics include Nicolas Barnaud (1539-1604) between alchemy and antitrinitarianism, pluralization and authority in Grotius' early works, the Socinian objections of Hans Ludwig Wolzogen and Descartes, and some roots and ramifications of the Trinitarian controversy in 17th-century England.
Whereas the Socinian doctrine survives from the sixteenth century, the English sect in its Enlightenment form becomes recognizable in the 1770s, with Joseph Priestley's defenses of Socinianism in pamphlets and sermons and with the foundation of the Essex Street congregation by Theophilus Lindsey in 1774.
In the first part of her book Antognazza shows how in his early writings Leibniz defended the mode of the Incarnation against Arians, Nestorians and the Lutheran theory of a communication of properties, while in his Defensio Trinitatis he refutes the arguments of the Socinian Wissowatius.
Despite being firm episcopalians, they saw themselves as very much a part of the European Reformed movement opposed to Arminian, Socinian, and later Arian thought.
28) Edward Stillingfleet, A Discourse in Vindication of the Doctrine of the Trinity: with an Answer to the Late Socinian Objections (second edn, London, 1697); John Marhsall, John Locke: Resistance, Religion and Responsibility (Cambridge, 1994), pp.
Unitarian, but associated with Unitarians and read many Socinian books.
What Ruffin finds is a declension story: in the two decades after Bentley took over the pulpit of Salem's East Church in 1783 and began preaching his version of rational religion, his would be converts rejected his Socinian version of an entirely human Jesus and the notion that God had not intervened in the world since biblical times.
In "The Socinian Imperative," Lieb chronicles the early history of Socinianism (later called Unitarianism) and discusses both Milton's writings in relation to that movement as well as the manner in which critics in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries sought to analyze Milton's beliefs "in Socinian terms" (216).
After its expulsion from Poland in 1660, Socinianism found a new and vital center among the Dutch, whose intellectual and mercantile reach provided a network for spreading Socinian books and ideas.
The second controversy involved an up-and-coming Cambridge graduate, George Walker, and an established London lecturer, Anthony Wotton, whom Walker alleged to be a socinian.
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