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We will simultaneously address the interdisciplinary entanglements that arise in all these contexts, which involve scientists, engineers, social scientists, philosophers, lawyers and sometimes even artists and designers.
The tender soldier of the book's title is Paula Loyd, one member of a human terrain team that was deployed to Afghanistan 2008, and whom the author says was one of the best qualified social scientists working on such a team.
He lamented that in the current affair shows in all television channels of Pakistan hardly any social scientist was invited to suggest academic solutions to the problems being faced by the nation.
When social scientists make statements like "I expect mean A to be bigger than means B and C" or "I expect that the relation between Y and both X1 and X2 is positive," they are formulating their expectations in terms of inequality constraints among the parameters in which they are interested.
An analysis of the demographics of the respondents reveal that 42 male and 28 female social scientists took part in the study.
In addition to the ITT, all HTS candidates receive ten hours of ethics training, with an additional twelve hours for social scientists.
Wright said many social scientists are not into the business of writing for the real world.
Collaborations among bioethicists and social scientists have the potential to contribute to more informed public deliberation.
At the same time, the report notes, public and private data sources are expanding exponentially; computer scientists rapidly are creating algorithms to make sense of large-scale data sets; and social scientists are researching some of the same social problems that interest reporters.
Super fuzzy matrices and super fuzzy models for social scientists.
But the primary problem lies with social scientists themselves, who have consistently allowed their religious and political ideologies to overshadow a real commitment to scientific progress.
He argues that social scientists often answer questions without data, their attempts are biased by political and perhaps religious ideology, and the field is not adequately scientific because social scientists avoid reducing the human condition to deterministic relations.
Still, evidence abounds that today we live in a "dark age" for our understanding of the causal basis of human behavior--gut instinct, superstition, and political ideology left and right happily trump the nascent efforts of empirical social scientists to figure out what makes us tick.
FOR 10 YEARS, social scientists have been studying the effects of "zero tolerance" school policies, which treat any technical infraction as harshly as possible, without regard to mitigating circumstances, the rule breaker's intentions, or proportionality.
The more psychologists and social scientists study this generation, the more they realize that Generation Y members are most drawn to flexibility and balance in their day-to-day life, so it's important for employers to understand how to incorporate flexibility and work life balance into their recruiting strategies.
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