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the branch of anthropology that deals with human culture and society

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What kind of ethnological/anthropological practice did the social anthropologists from the West "discover" in the East as a consequence of its opening?
Are they merely rites that we hope will create the world anew, as social anthropologists might describe it, if we properly re-enact a sacred story?
For the first time archaeologists, evolutionary psychologists, social anthropologists, sociologists and linguists will work together to reconstruct our ancestors' social lives and behaviour from the archaeological evidence of bones and tools.
Enriched by interdisciplinary collaboration with cultural and social anthropologists, the findings of archeologists and the interpretations of art historians, we can visualize a fuller, more colorful picture of women's lives in the late Classical period than we have had available to us heretofore.
Few social anthropologists have taken history so seriously as Anton Blok.
This was a shift, as far as dance critics and social anthropologists were concerned, from a folk or commonplace dance genre that is usually considered social dancing and is performed to demonstrate culturally specific traits and skills.
Bryant on the entries of Henry VI into London and Paris, are concerned to test the application of different theoretical models, particularly those of social anthropologists.
PaperWorks was created at Xerox PARC by software developers, research scientists and social anthropologists, who studied the way business people work with documents in their offices and while traveling.
I also wanted to be sure that we have a strong academic input, that it wasn't just businessmen talking to one another, but that we would have business school professors, social anthropologists, economists, who would, all from their points of expertise, address the communication issues that the public relations and public affairs executives might face.
All in all, "the history of 'mentalities' has been useful in introducing something analogous to the discipline of the social anthropologists into history, and its usefulness is very far from exhausted.
Contrary to assumptions by classic social anthropologists who were seldom fluent in indigenous languages, a knowledge of the text illuminates the performance of the manang and enables observers to understand the ritual and its significance.
of Roskilde, Denmark) and Wergin (social and cultural anthropology, Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany) constitute this book, which had its genesis in a workshop of the European Science Foundation in 2007 and a panel at the annual conference of the European Association of Social Anthropologists in 2008.
Social anthropology was not recognised as a separate discipline in the earlier part of the 20th century and Firth worked to change this perception as one of the founder members of the Association of Social Anthropologists, inaugurated in 1946.
In the end, however, The Making of the Modern Greek Family is flawed in numerous, varied and fundamental ways, and while some parts are quite good, the book as a whole will satisfy neither social historians nor social anthropologists.
Social anthropologists reflect on the role of kinship in a secular global society dominated by commerce.
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