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social welfare program in the U.S.

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The Ministry of Health and Social Protection (MHSP) is in charge of the TSA program implementation and will lead the efforts of the national program expansion.
These reforms will ensure our social protection system is responsive to people's needs and protects those who need it.
So by supporting social protection we support agriculture, by supporting agriculture we reduce poverty so it's kind of a complementary cycle," she added.
The Nigerian delegation visit to BISP has been arranged by World Bank Social Protection Task Team in Nigeria to establish an effective and efficient social protection system.
The program defines the objectives of the social protection system for the next three years, includes ways to achieve the goals and aims to improve the social protection based on the analysis results of the development strategy of social protection for 2012-2014, the authorities report.
31, TurkStat compared social protection support expenditures in Turkey with those of EU countries.
The investigation launched by the Social Protection discovered that the children's mother worked at a school for 3,000 riyals a month and did not stand up to her husband for fear of a divorce that would split up the family.
The system of governance does not really consider social protection and promotion as primary responsibility of the state and therefore, does not make serious fiscal effort to collect enough taxes to fund social programme.
This came during meeting social protection expert of International Labour Organization (ILO)'s Regional Office for Arab States, Ursula Kulke, in the framework of her participation in Social Security Forum being held on 20-21 October in Bahrain.
During the 1990s and 2000s, a number of changes were implemented to social protection programmes in Latin America.
GAMMARTH (TAP) - Work of the National Conference on Social Protection started Thursday in Gammarth.
NAUSS' organization of the conference comes out from its interest in the achievement of Arab security in its full conception, and the belief in the role of social protection in the economic and social stability in Arab countries, where the social protection posed by the policies and programs aimed at enhancing the efficiency of labor markets, reducing exposure to hazards, and supporting the ability to manage economic and social development risks, such as unemployment, sickness and disability.
And yet in 2014 the promise of universal social protection remains unfilled for the large majority of the world's population".
Amman, May 13 (Petra) - A seminar organized by the International Labour Organization kicked off here on Tuesday to discuss social protection and ways to provide such a welfare measure to all those who need it in the Arab region.
The Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences expands its portfolio for international professionals by introducing the new study programme "Analysis and Design of Social Protection Systems" (MA)
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