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any of various services designed to aid the poor and aged and to increase the welfare of children

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You'll be the social director, event planner and life of the party all rolled into one.
Maybe we are supposed to be the company's social director, keeping track of the various promotions, new hires and service anniversaries?
Alesha Badgley, social director of his care centre, said: "He started with 'Mom' and surprised her.
He started out with `Mom' and then it was `Pepsi' and then `milk'," Alesha Badgley, Stone County Nursing and Rehabilitation Centre social director, said yesterday.
They'd rather pay someone else to do it and enjoy their leisure time at the theater, day tripping, or joining in any one of a number of club activities organized for their pleasure by social director Jill Klein.
She was social director at the Grand Lido Braco Hotel, in the resort where training took place.
Boards grow and decay depending on delicate fluctuations of interest, and a successful system operator is an editor, architect, technician, social director, and, in this case, curator rolled into one.
For Laurel, that adds the title of social director to her list of job duties.
Where Branagh's movie goes wrong is when it doesn't trust Shakespeare enough and, like an overly insistent social director, keeps reminding the audience that it's supposed to be having fun.
For the task of recruitment, overlook the superb technician with a flair for numbers and look instead to find the weekend athlete who's fit and trim; the community playhouse actor who is articulate and well spoken; the church social director who has good leadership and communication skills; even the office's would-be stand up comic who can let people know that accountants can make people laugh and still be good accountants.
There he made quite a name for himself as a great cook, friend, social director or go to person for any type of mechanical assistance for anyone in the building.
ukasz Misiukanis will hold the position of Vice President of Isobar Poland and continue to lead his team as Media & Social Director at Isobar Poland.
David's peers know him as the social director," states Executive Director, Bobbi Wigand.
Online Marketing Account Manger, Sarah Buckner, will be the Social Director of Ad 2 and will manage the promotion of programs, events and club achievements via social media networks.
You are the elected social director as friends and associates vie for your attention and approval.
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